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Access Your Business Data From Any Cellphone!
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Bring your business to mobiles in minutes
Work on any cell phone, no data plan required
No hardware purchase or software setup
Do-it-yourself and pay-as-you-go
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Main Features:
Build mobile applications on cloud computing
No hosting or technical skills required. Just create your data store, import data, and define mobile services for your employees, partners, or customers to access or update data over SMS.
Bring existing entreprise services to mobile users
Create mobile services that connect mobile users to services, such as balance inquiry, running on your corporate servers.
Send messages to groups
Participate in group messaging from full chat to one-way broadcast over mobile, email, IM, or web.
Conduct polling
Create and publish satisfaction survey, opinion poll, or reservation request to mobile, email, or web users.
Secure and private
Encrypt data communication and use organization and groups memberships to control access to resources.
Business Cases:
With Guppers, one of our office staff was able to create a mobile service for students to inquire their grades over cell phone within an hour. The new service cuts down our time spent on grade inquires significantly.
Our drivers, who make delivery to remote areas with no internet, update delivery status within their basic mobile phones over Guppers. Our office can now track our delivery progress in real time.
Michelle Hsu, IAA President
New York, NY
Fikhri Abdul Rahman, G-Planter Chairman
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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